Human resourse management

For this project, imagine you have been asked to develop a training  program for several project groups within your organization. The project  groups have been experiencing difficulties in meeting objectives.  Specifically, the problems observed include accurate decision-making and  cohesiveness, power struggles, and even some potential bias against  members.You must develop a training program you will facilitate with each of the groups. Your program mustDraw attention and help create awareness for these issues observedSuggest solutions and facilitate the groups to help resolve these issuesYou must use the material you have learned in Weeks 4-7. You will be  submitting a Powerpoint file. While there is no maximum number of  slides, it should be comprehensive enough to cover the material, while  also not being extremely boring (imagine a 90 minute workshop). It  should also be dynamic, looking to engage employees in the discussion.  Create all workshop materials as well. If you decide to ask for  pre-workshop work to be completed, develop the Powerpoint as if they  have already completed the work, but put in notes that the slide is  referencing work already completed.Submit both the Powerpoint and the additional materials as Word documents below

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