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Hello and Happy New Year!I have a Security Management thesis paper that I hope to work with you on. You have done many assignments for me over the past months and I always thought you did a great job. The first part/assignment of the overall paper is listed below. When it comes to a research question I am looking for one that is NOT IT or cyber related and one that IS related to physical security, training, or security management. If you will be helping me on this in further assignments I thought I would let you choose the exact research question but I am hoping it is related to one of those three areas I mentioned. Thank you.InstructionsIn this assignment you will present your research question along with a purpose statement. You will also present your preliminary thoughts on a research design. In other words, how do you intend to answer your research question. The specific research question should be of depth and breadth required for a major project. There is a template attached with the proper headings and settings. You are required to use this template to submit your assignment. This temple is attached as “Assignment1Template.”Required Elements of the Assignment

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