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locate an article that discusses the topic of business ethics and write a two-page review of the article you selected. Topic ideas might include the role of ethics in the workplace, breach of ethics, the effect of internal and external forces on ethical compliance, global ethical considerations within a business, or ethics and employees.

Keep in mind that these are suggestions; please expand within the parameters of ethical topics as they relate to business ethics.

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Your article review must address the following:

1. Summarize the article, and provide an analysis of the author’s main points.

2. How does this article contribute to contemporary thinking about business ethics?

3. Assess the ethical issues faced by the business leader or leaders in the article.

4. How can you apply information in this article to your field?

5. How did this article fit your ethical view?

Your response must be a minimum of two full double-spaced pages, not including the title and reference pages.

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