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Hello       relating to the previous 2 pages can you assist with below”This progress report will be 2-pages, double-spaced, and should be broken up into 3 parts: literature review, work planned, and the APA-formatted citations of the source materials you have found so far (and plan to use in the final report). My goal is for each of the assignments in the course to directly relate to the final report.  My hope is that much of it will be able to be incorporated directly into your final report, for example, the literature review and citations.In the “literature review” section, summarize the key sources that you have read. By going through this process now, you will save a lot of time later while putting together your Project Report.  Ultimately, you will create text that links all of the articles together in a seamless flow, but for now you are welcome to just summarize them separately.The progress reports are intended for you to tell me how things are going. I need to see that you have been working on your project, but I do understand that sometimes your work may not pan out exactly as expected.In Summary: 2 Pages, double-spaced, citations count towards the page count.Use Times New Roman or Calibri font at 12pt.  Use 1-inch margins on all sides.  “

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