impact a fiscal or monetary policy will have on the economy, economics homework help

1. Visit the Conference Board website below to find current information on consumer confidence. Write a 200 word posting on the role consumer confidence could play in the upcoming presidential election. Discuss what you believe the role will be and how important it will be.

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On some computers you made have to hold the control key down when you click on the link to make it work. I have to do this on my home computer, but not my office computer. It may open in a new window so check for new tabs. If the link does not work, type the web address into a search browser.

2.It is expected that it will take you more than one typed double spaced page to answer the following.

One of the tools or models economists use is the production possibilities frontier. Using the production possibilities frontier:

  • explain the law of increasing opportunity cost and its relationship to the shape of the production possibilities frontier
  • using the concept of comparative advantage and the production possibilities frontier explain why nations trade even when they could produce the product on their own
  • explain what would happen to the USA’s production possibilities frontier if all illegal immigrants holding jobs in the USA were deported.
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