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Week 3 Application: Case ScenarioCapital Improvement PlanBackgroundEvery two years, the city prepares a capital improvement plan (CIP), which forecasts capital improvement needs, revenues, and expenditures. This year you have been asked to submit upcoming capital needs for the police department covering 5 fiscal years.The projects included in the CIP must cost over $25,000 and are generally related to major infrastructure projects including the city’s sewer and water system, roadways, parks, and facilities. While the city council approves the entire plan, only the first 2 years of the plan are approved for funding. The final 3 years of the plan are provided for planning purposes only.After some consideration you have identified two capital improvement projects—a remodel of the men’s and women’s locker rooms and furniture replacement throughout the policing facility.Capital Improvement Project SummaryThe police department was built in 1993. Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms include restrooms with typical faucets, toilets, shower stalls, and tile walls and floors. Because of the extensive use of these facilities by all three patrol shifts every day, the tile surfaces, faucets, shower stalls, and counters are worn. Water pools outside of the shower stalls and there is rust on the faucets and countertops. A few of the countertops are cracked and linoleum is peeling from the sides of the countertops. Your proposal suggests replacement of all fixtures, counters, and tiling with water-saving toilets and low-flow shower faucets. Your proposed total cost for the remodel is $46,000.The furniture in the police department was purchased in 1993. It is well used by employees and those who visit the police station. You are proposing to replace the lobby furniture on both floors of the station; desks and desk chairs at 11 patrol sergeant workstations; eight desks used by records clerks and supervisors; the soft furniture in the police chief’s office and in the interview room; all front desk furniture; and all desks, chairs, and other furniture in the Investigations unit. The total cost for this project is $97,000.While considering the project summary, write a capital improvement plan by following the instructions provided in the Application area of the classroom.

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