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1- Which skills do oral presentations allow you to practice and demonstrate? Which skills do online presentations allow you to practice and demonstrate? Which skill do you want to improve the most? Explain your response.

2- You have been asked to give a business presentation to a small group of cross-functional peers to inform them of a new corporate policy. What kind of strategy and style would you select to accomplish this presentation?

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3- What are some common errors that inexperienced presenters make when giving oral presentations?

4- What three tasks should you accomplish in the close of your presentation?

5–What three goals should you accomplish during the introduction of an oral presentation?

6- what are some of the strategies you can use to feel comfortable and confident before a presentation?

7- how might you seek to enhance interaction with audience members in your audience? What are some creative approaches that you might take to keep audiences absorbed by your message?

8- What are some of the most common problems with resumes?

9- Explain the process of planning your résumé, including how to choose the best résumé organization.

10- Describe the typical sequence of job interviews, the major types of interviews, and the attributes employers look for during an interview.

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