info sys and project management. please help me with authentic work

Q.1 Review the WBS and Gantt chart you created for Chapter 5, Task 3. Propose three to five additional activities you think should be added to help you estimate resources and durations. Write a one-page paper describing these new activities.Q.2 Identify at least five milestones for the Global Treps Project. Write a short paper describing each milestone using the SMART criteria. Discuss how determining the details of these milestones might add activities or tasks to the Gantt chart. Remember that milestones normally have no duration, so you must have tasks that will lead to completing them.Here is the milestone i chose for question number 2 so its easy for you guys:—1 initiating1.1 choose project manager1.2 form project team1.3 develop project charter1.4 Obtain a business license for later testing—2 planning2.1 develop a scope statement2.2 Create a WBS2.3 Analyze system requirements—3.0 Executing3.1 Website and mobile application concept3 1.1 Evaluate application system3.1.2 Application Requirements3.1.2.1 Determine user requirements3 1 2.2 Determine content requirements3.1 2 3 Determine system requirements3.1.3 Test application functionality3.1.4 Determine application risk management approach3.1.5 Develop project plan3.1.6 Brief application developers—-3.2 Application Design Software integration3.2.1 Templates and tools tab3 2.2 Forum tab3.2.3 Third party links tab3 2.4 Donations tab3.3 Application Development3.3.1 Coding3.3.2 Security integration and testing—3.4 web hosting3.4.1 Website and Application testing3.5 Website and application rollout3.6 Support3.6.1 Training3.6.2 User support3.6.3 Updates4 Closingsix month total time

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