Information Interview

Imagine that you are scheduled to interview a practicing psychologist about what his/her job is like. This is known as an “information interview.”  If you could only ask 5 ethics related questions what would they be?  Give this careful thought.You only have 5 questions–what key aspects of the profession, with ethics particularly in mind, will you focus on?Write your 5 questions and below each construct a hypothetical response.  How would your interviewee answer each?Note:  You do not have to be an expert on professional ethics to complete this assignment. Base the responses on what you have learned about professional ethics in the course.CriteriaDevelopment of 5 interview questions to ask psychologistHypothetical responses to the 5 interview questions demonstrate knowledge of ethical guidelines (250-300 words per response)Compliance with APA paper source crediting and formatting standards.Minimum of three scholarly resources are usedMinimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errorsAssignment is 5-6 pages, not including title page or references page

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