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1.At times, a company can sell a product without having to adapt it, such as water. However, many products need to be adapted. Provide an example of a specific product that must be adapted to be sold in a nation other than the one where it was currently sold. Then briefly explain how the company needed to adapt the product to sell it another nation.

2.Many companies send employees on expatriate assignments. Briefly explain what companies should do to help employees assimilate into other nations.

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3.Briefly explain the concept of customer relationship marketing. Provide a specific example of a company that has seems to have excellent customer relationship and why you chose that company.

4.Briefly explain the concept of fair trade. Provide a specific example to help explain your answer. Next, briefly explain why does fair trade does not appeal to all consumers.

5.Briefly explain why infrastructure is an important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to market a product globally. Provide a specific example to help explain your answer.

6.Exchange rates can be a challenge when selling to people outside of one’s own country. Briefly explain why that statement is true. Then provide an example of what you would do as an entrepreneur to help overcome that particular challenge.

7.In your opinion, how has e-commerce negatively affected small businesses? Briefly explain your answer.

8.Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a theory stating that human needs can be divided into five categories and that humans will satisfy lower level needs before they seek to satisfy upper level needs. Provide a specific example of a product that a company would sell to meet a consumer’s safety needs. Then briefly explain how that product meets consumers’ safety needs.

9. The foundation for a successful global marketing program is a good understanding of basic marketing concepts. Briefly explain why that statement is true.

Political risk is the set of government institutions, political parties, and organizations that are the expression of the people in a nation. Provide a specific example of a country where the political risk is currently too high to set up a global business. Then briefly explain why you think the nation is too risky to set up a business.

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