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introduction, Heritage and Your Attitudes to Health

Please write a short biography of yourself as an introduction to your learning community. Before you begin, think about your unique sociocultural heritage. What are the habits, beliefs, likes, customs, etc., that you acquired through your family?  How has your environment impacted these?After you have introduced yourself, be sure to complete the following sentences:My social cultural heritage is . .The major sociocultural events that have occurred in my lifetime are . .When I was growing up, the demographic profile of my community was . . .; now, it is . . .If I needed economic help, I would . .I define health as . . .I define illness as . . .To maintain my health, I . . .To protech my health, I . . .When I experience a noticeable change in my health, I . . .I diagnose my own health problems by . . . OrI do not diagnose my own health problems because . . .I seek health care from . . .To restore my health, I . . . (give a specific example)

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