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assignmentMartin Berk began an accounting firm called Berk’s Accounting on May 1 of the current year. Record the following May transactions by making the appropriate entries in the general journal. Next, prepare a trial balance as of May 31.Part AMartin invested $20,000 cash and a computer valued at $2,000.Part BPurchased $6,000 of office furniture from a supplier on credit.Part CCompleted accounting work for a client and received $2,000 cash in full payment.Part DPaid the supplier of the office furniture 50% of the balance owing.Part ECompleted $3,000 of accounting work for a client on credit.Part FMartin withdrew $3,500 cash from the business for personal use.Part GReceived $2,000 cash as partial payment for the accounting work completed for the client in E.Part HPaid $1,200 cash for the secretary’s salary.Length/Formatting InstructionsFont12 point , Calibri Font Program/File Type Submit in Word or Excel

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