Journal Entry: Communicating Interpersonally

Scenario 1: Social Relationships: Rewards of FriendshipRosie and Jackie are good friends. Jackie has always been there for Rosie, and Rosie really leaned on Jackie when she was going through a hard breakup. Jackie is also really funny, and she makes Rosie laugh. Since becoming friends, Rosie realized she rarely gets colds, and when she does, they don’t last long. Unfortunately, Jackie just moved across town, so it takes Rosie 45 minutes to get to Jackie’s house. But, Rosie doesn’t seem to mind the drive because she and Jackie are such good friends. In fact, Rosie helped Jackie move to her new apartment.Respond to the following questions:Identify each of the benefits that both Jackie and Rosie bring to the relationship, and classify each as an emotional, material, or health reward.How have you managed the rewards in your relationships?

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