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JWI 520 Assignment – Workforce Strategy at Your Organization

For this exercise, select a position you are currently hiring for, or select a position that may have to be filled in your department or organization in the future.Follow the steps below to create a Hiring Sheet for this position:• Step 1: Develop a Job Description.o If there is a current job description, you can use that for this part of the exercise. Submit it with your assignment for review.• Step 2: Identify Key Competencies.o Select 5 key competencies for the position from the List of Professional Competencies below. You may create one competency of your own, if needed. Explain the rationale if selecting each competency. Why does it relate to the job description?• Step 3: Rank the Competencies.o Rank the competencies you selected in order, from the most important (1) to the least important (5), and explain your rationale for the ranking.• Step 4: Create Interview Questions.o Develop 2 questions per competency selected for use when interviewing candidates. Your final list of questions for the position will contain 10 questions.

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