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KM (Knowledge Management) Tools Analysis

6 Pages analysis and 10 PowerPoint Slides:Select a company and a KM Technology that you find relevant (It can be the company you work for or a KM Technology that you know well – Do NOT investigate the same from previous assignments).Research the KM Technology tool that you will be analyzing (retrieve a minimum of 6 Peer Reviewed Journals.  You can consult with a Librarian for help or use ResearchGate, as advised in previous assignments.Research the definition of KM, and KM Tools, then focus on your chosen KM tool.Use the APA template provided (You should NOT remove the headings: cover page, abstract, keywords, introduction, etc. You can add subheadings as you find appropriate)Use proper APA format for quotations, citations, paraphrasing.In the body of your project make sure that you address the followings:a)Define the terms, KM Tools and Technologies,b)Define the term of your chosen KM Technology (Examples: Google, Canvas, Youtube, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Tableau, etc). Again, you can investigate any KM tool of your preferencec)Present a relevant analysis, including: list of benefits, challenges, and opportunities such KM technology present to the company you are analyzing.Your analysis MUST present the 6(six) dimensions of KM- in the body of the document, after the Introduction. See list below:Strategy-KM and data managementOrganizational CultureOrganizational ProcessesManagement & LeadershipTechnologyPolitics

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