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KM (Knowledge Management) tools Research Paper (INFO4307- Knowledge Management Tools and Technologies)

INFO4307- Knowledge Management Tools and Technologies1-Research about a KM tool  of our choice2-5 pages on chosen KM Tool3- Make sure that you use the provided APA template, use the APA formatting for citations and quotations, etc. Follow the format as indicated in the template headings, subheadings: cover page, abstract, introduction, literature review (present your analysis of the peer reviewed journals), conclusions, and list of references.4- Include the PDF files of the peer reviewed papers you retrieved during your research attached to your  submission.Finally, demonstrate understanding and critical thinking.  Make sure that you present a solid conclusion.KM TOOLS for example:PowerBI and Tableau (for data analytics) Canvas (educational), Salesforce (sales and IT), Intranet,many others CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management)Google Cloud – cloud computingNOTE:* Minimum  of 5 peer reviewed papers -ONLY- not older than 5 years of publication!

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