Labor Management questions, business and finance homework help

Using your textbook, briefly answer the following questions 

  1. What is meant by labor relations?
  2. Explain how unions are simultaneously economic and political organizations.
  3. What is a spillover?
  4. What is the greatest challenge facing private sector unions?
  5. Briefly describe the historical impact of the Knights of Labor.
  6. Briefly describe the historical importance of the Danbury Hatters boycott case.
  7. Briefly explain the concept of exclusive representation established by the Wagner Act.
  8. What was the major responsibility of the National Labor Relations Board?
  9. Select for my approval one of the following topics for your paper # 1 due in Unit 3:

Why and How U.S. Labor Unions Seek to Influence Federal, State and Local Politics.

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b. How Global Competitiveness Affects Labor/Management Relations.

c. How Right-to-Work Laws Affects Labor/Management Relations.

d. An Objective Analysis of the Proposed Federal Employee Free Choice Act

e. Union Support Craft Jurisdictional Conflict and Restrictive Work Practices

f. How Technology Affects Labor/Management Relations

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