Labour Management Relations – Singapore Context – 2000 words (1 week)

Based on the context of Singapore, provide an analytical report on the importance of the 4 key players in enhancing effective labour management relation. Provide examples on how the aforementioned contribute to the competitive advantage of the nation.Introduction of labour management relations (LMR) – 300 words-Discribe singapore industrial relations-Describe scopeAnalysis on roles of 4 key players of LMR – 800 words-Government roles (Ministry of manpower)-Union (NTUC union) (SNEF) on competitive advantage to Singapore through LMR – 700 wordsTripartism in SingaporeNational Wage CouncilFlexible wage systemUse statistic on strike, ranking of singapore international competitive index, direct foreign invesment in singapore, productivity levelConclusion – 200 words

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