Law assignment 5: Read each hypothetical and answer the question, writing homework help

INSTRUCTIONS: Read each hypothetical and answer the question that follows. For each of your answers, you must provide the web link from the webpage you used to find the authority that is applicable to the particular question. Simply copy the link and paste it after your answer. Ensure that the sources you choose are reputable and valid.

1. Mark runs a small business with his business partner, Frank. His daughter, Amy, wants to make some extra money and asks her father for a part-time job. What information do you need to know about this situation to determine if Mark could face liability under the FLSA if he employs Amy?

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2. ABC Corp is considering a consolidation of manufacturing sites to cut costs. It currently has 5 manufacturing facilities. ABC is considering closing the two smallest facilities and ramping up production in the three larger facilities. The downside of this plan is that lots of employees will be let go. What do you need to know about each facility to determine whether the WARN Act requires 60-days notice of the pending foreclosure?

3. Martha is an employee of ABC Corp. She is walking down the stairs in the corporate office, trips, and breaks her ankle. Because of the nature of her work requires standing and walking, she is unable to work for several weeks. What benefits do worker’s compensation laws provide to her and her employer? What are the disadvantages to Martha?

4. ABC Corp manufactures steel. The manufacturing facility contains smelters that are very hot to the touch and large machines with moving parts. What are the potential OSHA compliance issues ABC Corp may encounter?

5. Sandra works for ABC Corp. She recently learned that she is pregnant. She knows that she will want to take some time away from work after having her baby to build the mother-child bond. She has 5 weeks of paid leave and 1 week of sick leave available. What do we need to know to determine how much time Sandra could possibly take off from work?

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