Law Questions

  1. John dies with a will written on the hood of a 1955 Chevy in magic marker. The will says, among other things, “I wish to disinherit my wife, Marge.” There are two witnesses and a notary. Is the will is valid? Why or why not? Be specific about which elements of a valid will this scenario does or does not satisfy. If you need further information, list the information that you need.
  2. John dies with a will written on a sticky note that has all of the elements of a legal will in your state. How would the will be probated? Be specific.
  3. John’s will leaves his mother’s emerald ring to his sister, Mary. Before he dies, he gives Mary the ring. What will Mary now receive at John’s death? Explain your answer in detail.
  4. John and Mary each have a will leaving everything to each other (and then to their children). They are in a car wreck. John dies and Mary is unconscious at the scene. A paramedic says Mary has a faint heartbeat. She dies on the 3rd day. How does this affect the distribution in the couple’s wills? Explain your answer in detail.
  5. John dies. He has two sons still living. He had a third son who died last year, leaving a daughter and son. If the will says John’s property is to be distributed per stirpes, who gets what percentage? Explain.

Please number all answers pertaining to the question thank you

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