Learning To Keep Learning, discussion help

In an article titled “Learning To Keep Learning” in the New York Times, dated December 13, 2006, Thomas L. Friedman states:

“I listened to this with mixed emotions. Part of me said ‘Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice to have a government that was so focused on innovation — instead of one that is basically anti-science.’ My other emotion was skepticism. Oh, you know the line: Great Britain dominated the 19th century, America dominated the 20th and now China is going to dominate the 21st. It’s game over.

“No question, China has been able to command an impressive effort to end illiteracy, greatly increasing its number of high school grads and new universities. But I still believe it is very hard to produce a culture of innovation in a country that censors [Google] which for me is a proxy for curtailing people’s ability to imagine and try anything they want. You can command K-12 education. But you can’t command innovation. Rigor and competence, without freedom, will take China only so far. China will have to find a way to loosen up, without losing control, if it wants to be a truly innovative nation.” (access through ProQuest Data Base in the Keller library-article 94 of 239 listed therein for that issue)

Comment on how one can stay abreast of changes that will likely affect a career plan. How will we keep up to date in time to make effective career transitions?

What are YOUR strategies? Discuss your strategies here, and review your classmates. Comment on what you think works and what will not. Let’s

really be creative here with your own words.Please make it three separate posts.

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