Lesson 9 Engagement Activity

1. Your friend is on a weight loss diet. She consumes 1600 calories/day and to date has lost 10 pounds (over the past two months). You invite her to your place for a home cooked dinner. She typically consumes 600 calories for dinner. Prepare a 600-calorie healthy meal for her using the calorie from Calories.info (see the URL below; use the calorie charts on the left side of the page). Also, note that because of a family history of heart disease, your friend is watching her saturated fat intake.https://www.calories.info/calorie-counterAfter you have prepared a menu for a 600-calorie meal, analyze the meal for numbers of servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, protein foods, and liquid vegetable oils.Is the meal you prepared healthy? Please describe.2. Now, you and your friend would like to have a very casual dinner at a fast-food restaurant. Choose a fast food restaurant where you would like to eat and select a 600-calorie meal. Please describe if the meal is healthy. Use the URL below to select your food choices.https://www.calories.info/food/fast-food3.  How appetizing is the meal you created?   What are the two takeaways you gained by completing this activity?

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