Chapter 11 Class ParticipationRespond to the following questions. This assignment is worth 5  points. Make sure that you use complete sentences, college-level grammar  and that you have completely thought about your response.What are the advantages and disadvantages of early and late maturation in males and females?How does the adolescent pregnancy rate in the United States compare to that of other countries?If an adolescent is allowed to sleep as long as he/she would like,  how long does research indicate the typical adolescent will sleep?What are the characteristics of individuals who suffer from anorexia nervosa?Greg’s father is a doctor, his grandfather is a doctor, and his  great grandfather was a doctor. His older brother is now in medical  school. There is a strong expectation that he will follow in the family  tradition of service. Greg agrees and begins to focus on preparation for  a medical career. According to Marcia, Greg is in the identity statuses  of ______________,Type the statement’s below and respond with T for true or F for false after the statements.College is not a laboratory. Identity must be well established before one enters college. T FFirst generation immigrants may not develop a new identity. T FReligion plays a role in adolescent health and whether there are problem behaviors. T FIn what family situations are expectations for early autonomy more prevalent?Among adolescences, depression is linked to the following: (make a list) __________________.

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