Making Tough Choices Simulator

You made it through the month, though you probably faced some tough choices along the way.For ALICE families, each month can bring a set of new challenges. In Connecticut, 45% of workers earn $20 per hour or less. Even in households with two wage earners, families struggle to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck. When costs like housing and childcare make up 42 percent of the household survival budget, tough choices have to be made. ALICE is our neighbor, friend, family and co-worker. When families can’t make ends meet, it affects our whole community.Instructions:Take a few minutes to complete the Making Tough Choices Simulator and in at least 1page completely answer the following questions, in your own words, in a way that showsan understanding of some of the factors that affect poverty:1. After completing the poverty simulator, were you able to save any money by theend of the month? Be specific in describing where your monthly income went.a How does this affect your impression of those who need human services?2. Based on what you’ve read in the textbook what types of human servicesassistance might help someone in this situation? Make sure to reference thecourse textbook in your answer.Requirements:• Written work must be at least one page (not including title and APA referencepages; typed and double spaced with 12 pt. font) and APA style In-text citations.• Use complete sentences with proper grammar and punctuation.• Clearly answer the questions in detail. Support your answer with material fromthe course textbook.o Since you are still learning about using APA format, we are going toprovide the proper format for in-text citations and the reference for yourtextbook. This is an excellent opportunity to start practicing using APAformat and getting in the habit of citing information you include from otherresources.• Carefully edit and proofread your work before submitting it via the Safe Assignlink.

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