Marketing Investigation of LEDS in South Africa, marketing homework help

LEDs in South Florida



Using secondary research, prepare a 4 to 5 pages marketing research case addressing the issues below. Conclude with recommendations for the general contractor.

The information contained herein is based on information obtained from a company that is venturing into a new product: supplying and installing energy-saving LED bulbs.

The company currently does business as a General Contractor in the South Florida region.

The intended strategy is to reach out to the owners/managers of commercial buildings to show the cost effectiveness of installing these energy efficient bulbs, saving money over the medium to long-term.

Issues of to be addressed include: (Each issue to be developed clearly and complete)

** The size of the market for energy efficient lighting in South Florida

** The competitive nature of the market in South Florida

** Attitudes toward energy efficiency in the South Florida environment where electricity is relatively affordable/cheap

** Cost/Benefit analysis information for making the switch

** Return on Investment (ROI)

** Approaches that are best use to reach the South Florida market.

** Also add any other issues that you think of in your analysis.

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