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MAT230 D7

1 page no apa formatclass will be Statistics MAT 220Access thecourse catalogand review the description of the course(s) you have registered to take for next mod. The undergraduate course catalog begins around page 220, depending on the version you are using.Post a response to the appropriate prompt(s) below:If you will be taking a course in your major, discuss how you anticipate that this course will contribute to your knowledge base and career preparation.  Consider doing research to find an article that supports your statements.If you will be taking a general education course, discuss the benefits of a broad knowledge base beyond your major topic of study.  Cite reference(s) that support your statements.If you will be taking an elective, discuss why you find the course interesting.If you will be graduating upon completion of this course, congratulations!  Please discuss how you will use your degree to further your career.

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