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Math art

Fractal Art Description:Your assignment is to use a fractal art program to create a fractal picture. The objective is to develop the most inspiring picture as voted on by your classmates (no, you cannot vote for your own picture!).Your picture can be any type of fractal art including Mandelbrot Sets, Julia Sets, fractal landscapes, ornature pictures made of self-replicating fractals. The option is yours. Extra credit is provided for including the Saint Leo color scheme, logos, or landscape. (see below)https://www.saintleo.edu/aboutSince this is a math class, you also need to provide a one-page summary of how you created this imageincluding the algorithms used, the values for those algorithms, and the software used to generate theimage. In addition, any comments or recommendations on this project for future students are appreciated(such as useful and useless software!).Obviously, since you are creating this image, you will own the copyright for the image you create. Digitalwatermarks on the image are acceptable (this allows evaluation versions of several programs to avoidpurchase).To help you get started, the links below include some software that might help.http://fractalarts.com/ – They have many images and also a page with software available on the Internet.The gallery might give you some ideas and the software page has links to several programs that could beuseful.http://www.fractalartcontests.com/ – This site has some award-winning fractal art for inspiration. Also, itlists the software used. Some of this software is powerful, but has a high learning curve.http://www.ultrafractal.com/index.html – This appears to be a popular application for artwork. There is anevaluation version that includes a watermark, which is ugly, but acceptable.http://www.download.com/ – This site has links to Fractal DRAW Pro and will perform self-replicatingfractals. You can also find links to Genesis ll software that will create fractal landscapes.

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