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Math assignment 10 hrs

Part 1Practice graphing the elementary functions:Use Desmos or GeoGebra to graph the following. Submit screen shots of every graph.y=−x2+3y=−x2+3y=x−3−−−−√y=x−3y=−3|x|y=−3|x|y=x3−1y=x3−1y=2x−1y=2x−1y=2−xy=2−xy=ln(x+3)y=ln(x+3)For each graph, write its domain and range.Compare each graph to its parent function (the basic elementary function).Describe how each graph (i – vii) was transformed using the transformational rules.Part 2Design your own video game by using at least one of the following elementary functions:Square RootCubicAbsolute ValueExponentialLogarithmicProvide a full description of how to play. Programming the game isn’t necessary.Provide a full description of how the elementary function(s) will be used in the game.Provide at least one visual as to what the game would look like to the player.

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