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Math Assignment deadline 14 feb *8 AM)

This on-line assessment is part of the OPG hiring process and is not a sole determining factor in the hiring decision. Our partner organization, SHL, coordinates this part of the process. SHL is a firm of industrial/organizational consultants who are skilled in the development and use of these instruments. SHL will receive your results directly; they will interpret the results and provide OPG with a written summary as a supplement to our hiring process.This assessment must be completedClick on the assessment link below (if the hyperlink does not work, please copy & paste the URL into your browser). If you have tested for any OPG position previously, please enter your credentials from your initial application – you will need to use the ‘Sign In” option. If this is your first time testing for an OPG position, then choose the ‘Sign up’ option to begin the process. You will be asked to create a user name and password to register with the system. Please be sure to use the same email you used to apply for this position with OPG. When you create a testing account the system will send you the login credentials you created for future reference.

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