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Maths week 9

MAT300DateAssignment 1: Descriptive StatisticsIntroductionBegin your first paragraph here. Be sure to indent each new paragraph. Your introduction should include the name of your article. Please remember that the article you choose, must be published during this quarter. You should include the title and topic of the article in the introduction and a brief overview of the topic. The link for this article must be included in the Source List at the bottom of this document.Your paper must be typed, double spaced throughout (including the references page), using Arial, Calibri Courier, Times New Roman font (size 10-, 11-, or 12), with one-inch margins on all sides (Strayer Writing Standards, 2018).  Forcitations and references, please follow Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) format. There is a link within the assignment that is labeledStrayer Writing Standards. Please refer to that document before you begin writing your paper. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.You must include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. This is already set up for you in the template, so just enter your name where it says Author’s Name and enter the appropriate date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. The paper should be 2-3 pages without the cover page and reference page, so that means 4-5 pages total with the cover page and reference page.SummaryYou can share the summary of the article you chose in this section. This should include 1-2 paragraphs. The reader should have a clear understanding of the article after reading your summary.Descriptive StatisticsIn this section, please explain how the article uses descriptive statistics. You should also share examples of the stats in the article. For example, “This article includes measures of frequency, because it shares the percent of high school graduates for public schools for the City of Chicago. The article shares that 77% of its students receive a diploma.” You should include several examples like this one.  The article should use one of the following categories of descriptive statistics:• Measures of Frequency – Counting Rules, Percent, Frequency, Frequency Distributions• Measures of Central Tendency – Mean, Median, Mode• Measures of Dispersion or Variation – Range, Variance, Standard Deviation• Measures of Position – Percentile, QuartilesReal World ApplicationsIn this article, please explain how the article applies to the real world, your major, your current job, or your future career goal. This should include 1-2 paragraphs.AnalysisIn this section, analyze the reasons why the author or authors of the article chose to use the various types of data shared in the article. This should include 1-2 paragraphs.ConclusionYou should have at least one source, which is the article that you are presenting. *You do not have to use additional sources for your paper. If you decided to use them, you must follow-up SWS guidelines. In addition to the article you chose, you can use your textbook or any article or book that supports your ideas. Why should you use outside sources? The first reason is that our papers will be more persuasive if we’re using reliable, authoritative information, and we want to remind our reader that we didn’t just make stuff up.  Using authoritative sources creates an authoritative paper.The second reason is that we want to avoid plagiarism penalties.  Plagiarism can get us kicked out of school, and we’re here to get a degree, so we want to remain enrolled.  Plagiarism can be avoided by simply letting your reader know where you found your information.  For instance, if I tell you Bill Atkinson sold HyperCard to Apple for $100,000 dollars, I may be making it up.  If I instead tell you Levy (2011, p. 15) reminds us that HyperCard was sold to Apple for $100,000 dollars by Bill Atkinson, you’ll be able to use my sources list and look it up to help determine whether you want to believe me.If it’s on your source list page, it needs to be referred to in your paper.  If you’ve referred to it in your paper, it needs to be on your list of sources.So there you have it.  Use the SWS throughout the paper.  List your references.  Refer to those references in your paper. And use this paper as a template if you like.

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