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Week 2 AssignmentThe application assessment consists of six short answer questions. All work must be neat, detailed and clearly labeled. Final answers should be identified by either circling or underlining. Submit your work to the appropriate drop box as a Microsoft Word or PDF document.1.    On May 2, you receive your bank statement showing a balance of $1,641.18. Your checkbook shows a balance of $1,427.15. Outstanding checks are $167.31, $245.66,and $302.56. The account earned $62.11. Deposit in transit amount to $555.61, and there is a service charge of $8.00. Calculate the reconciled balance.CHECKBOOK BALANCE   ___________  STATEMENT BALANCE       ___________Add:                                                                   Add:Interest Earned & Other                                        Deposits in Transit     ___________Credits   ___________SUBTOTAL  ___________                 SUBTOTAL         ___________Deduct:                                                                          Deduct:Services Charges &                                                         Outstanding Checks    ___________Other Debits                                ___________ADJUSTED CHECKBOOK                                                ADJUSTED STATEMENTBALANCE                                        ___________     BALANCE                              ___________2.    On Novenber 4, your bank statement shows a balance of $2,253.18. Your checkbook shows a balance of $2,324.34. If there are outstanding checks in the amounts of $105.50 and $158.10, deposits in transit amount to $605.27, account earnings of $68.51 and there is a service charge of $5.00. Determine the Adjusted Checkbook Balance and the Adjusted Statement Balance.Draw a conclusion.3.    Solve each of the following equations and show how you checked your answers:a)  3x + 1 = 8b)   3(n – 1) = 6c)   2y + 4y = 6 – 3y4.    Kay and Allen sell cell phones. Last month Kay sold 17 more cell phones than Allen. Together they both sold 117 cell phones. How many phones did each of them sell individually? Show the equation you used to determine the answers.5.    At PrintAll copying, a new copying machine can produce five more than twice the number of copies per hour of the old copy machine. If the new machine produces 205 copies per hour, how many copies can the old machine produce? Show the equation you used to determine the answers.6.    A recipe calls for 2 cups of milk for every 6 1/4 cups of flour. If you increase the flour to 43 3/4 cups, how many cups of milk will you use?View your assignment rubric.

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