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mechanical engineering

For problem one use the first picture that has two graphs. FOr problem four use the second image.1.1) FFor the following questions, consider the diagrams above for an iron carbon alloy of eutectoid composition:a) Assume there was an error in the prior heat treatment of an alloy that resulted in the formation of 100% bainite instead of pearlite. For the same alloy, briefly describe a simple heat treatment procedure for the formation of 100% pearlite. Your answer should include the temperature(s) and time(s) involved.b) Discuss why bainite, martensite, spheroidite and tempered martensite are not represented on the Fe-C phase diagram2)List and describe the type of test that would be used to assess the hardness versus distance for a heat-treated steel.3)  Sketch the general dependence of hardness versus distance from quenched end for two alloys (A & B). Alloy A was quenched in oil and Alloy B was quenched in air. All other factors are the same.4) Use the phase diagram above to answer the following questions.a.    Pb-Sn alloys candidates for precipitation hardening heat treatments?b.    If so, describe a prospective heat treatment. You should specify the temperatures that would be used at each step. If not, explain why precipitation hardening heat treatments would not work.

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