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Medical Coding

1)     Identify The main termDiDiabetes mellitus, type 1, with hyperglycemia – E10.65 Main term – diabetes2)      Diabetes mellitus, type 2 – E11 Main term – diabetes3)      Hyperprolactinemia – E22.14)      Morbid obesity due to excess calories – E66.015)      Polycystic ovaries – E28.21)      Alzheimer’s disease – G30.12)      Paranoid schizophrenia – F20.03)      Alcoholic delirium tremens – F10.2314)      Episodic cocaine abuse – F14.105)      Major depressive disorder, recurrent episode – F331)      Central pain syndrome – G89.02)      Bell’s palsy – G51.03)      Acute pain due to trauma; cervicalgia – M54.24)      Congenital quadriplegia – G805)      Intraspinal abscess – G06.11)      Primary open-angle glaucoma, mild stage – H40.11912)      Vitreous hemorrhage, left eye – H43.123)      Degenerative myopia, bilateral eyes – H44.234)      Alternating exotropia – H50.055)      Cystoid macular degeneration, bilateral eyes – H35.3531)      Swimmer’s ear, right ear – H60.3312)      Acute serious otitis media, left ear – H65.023)      Central perforation of tympanic membrane, left ear – H72-024)      Vertigo of central origin, bilateral – H81.435)      Granulation of postmastoidectomy cavity, left ear – H95.1221)      Acute ST evaluation myocardial infraction, inferolateral wall, initial episode of care – I21.12)      Acute rheumatic endocarditis – I01.13)      Aphasia, late effect of cerebrovascular disease – I69.9204)      Hypertension – I13.05)      Mitral and aortic valve insufficiency – I08.01)      Acute frontal sinusitis – J01.12)      Allergic rhinitis due to pollen – J30.13)      Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – J44.94)      Atelectasis – J98.15)      Croup – J05.01)      Crohn’s disease – K50.002)      Canker sore – K12.03)      Acute gastrojejunal ulcer, with perforation – K28.14)      Gastroesophageal reflux – K21.95)      Inguinal hernia – K40.0

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