MGT435 week3Quiz due now

Question 11 ptsThe role of a sponsor for large-scale, strategic organizational change is typically assigned to __________.a highest-level executivean investora senior managera member of the “leadership change team”Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsAll of the following elements are part of an organization’s vision EXCEPT __________.its missionits enduring core valuesits market shareits goals for the futureFlag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsIn Cummings and Worley’s five dimensions of leading and managing change model, identifying key stakeholdersis as aspect of __________.motivating changecreating a visiondeveloping political supportsustaining momentumFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsAccording to the author, Ackerman and Anderson’s road map is best regarded as __________.a “thinking discipline”a set of “hard and fast rules”“set in stone”a “prescription for success”Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsAccording to the drama triangle, one common characteristic of the rescuer role is __________.aggressive behaviorrefuses to say “no”nonassertive behaviorinitiates the attackFlag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsWhich CEO does the author cite as an example of a case in which a board of directors did not accept the strategy of its leader?Larry Bossidy, at AlliedSignalAlan Mulally, at FordEric Schmidt, at GoogleLeo Apotheker, at Hewlett-PackardFlag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsWhen aligning people with an organization’s vision, leaders should consider incentivesnonfinancial incentivesboth financial and nonfinancial incentivesneither financial nor nonfinancial incentivesFlag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsAccording to the stakeholder matrix, if the stakeholder is assessed as nonsupportive, which of the following strategies should be used?involvecollaboratemonitordefendFlag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsWhich of the following is true regarding organizational structures?strategy follows structurestructure follows strategystructure and strategy are established simultaneouslystrategy does not address structureFlag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsAccording to the author, change is best thought of as a(n) __________.eventprocessidealphilosophy

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