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Milestone One EE – 2

You are an HR specialist for a company that manufactures shoes. Recently, you noticed that turnover has increased, specifically with newly hired production associates working less than 60 days. You designed an exit survey for those who recently resigned and have received 100 responses so far.Based on this feedback, you are asked to recommend changes to the recruiting and selection process.You are also asked to ensure the organization is attracting talent from a diverse pool of candidates.The production associate position has not historically attracted talent from various diverse backgrounds.Production associates can be trained on the equipment if they have not operated the machines before.Associates use measuring tools but are not writing extensively or performing complex mathematical calculations.Although the role requires long periods of standing, some roles are performed seated. Employees usually rotate through these stations for four hours at a time.The company prides itself on crafting very light shoes; as such, the typical lifting weight is 25 pounds at the most.Production associates receive training to advance to the Production Associate II position or into lead roles.Consider this information in conjunction with the desire to attract a more diverse talent pool and the exit survey results when making edits to the job description.The job description and job advertisement (job posting) need to address both the turnover concerns and the attraction of diverse talent. Once you attract talent, the team will need some guidance on interviewing for selection of talent.Furthermore, to provide a great employee experience, you will need to develop onboarding and orientation guidance that will help the department managers retain and motivate the newly hired talent.DirectionsFor this milestone, you will develop the first section of a recruitment and retention package for management that will include the following:Using Microsoft Excel, assemble the exit survey data into a graph that displays the most significant reasons for turnover and what employees liked about the role. Display the resulting graph and a brief description of the most significant reasons for turnover, as well as what employees liked about the role. Next, edit the Production Associate job description to help address the turnover reasons and strategies to attract a diverse talent pool. Then, draft a job advertisement (job posting) that not only attracts a diverse talent pool but also helps to address the positive and negative attributes of the role you observed from the exit survey data.In Module Four, the second part of the project will include the following: Develop two interview questions that will be included in the screening process to help ensure a strong match. Finally, draft a memo to the department manager that identifies:The reasons for turnoverNew steps in onboarding and orientationAllocation of the new stepsImpact of new steps in addressing turnover reasons or turnover challenges being addressedSpecifically, for this milestone, you must address the following rubric criteria:Turnover Analysis: Analyze exit interview data to determine turnover reasons.Create a graph to show the most significant reasons for turnover.Job Description: Edit a job description to attract matched talent.Address turnover reasons and strategies to attract a diverse talent.Recruit Diverse Talent—Job Advertisement: Develop a job advertisement (job posting) to attract diverse talent and address the positive and negative attributes of the role.Recruit Diverse Talent—Justification: Explain how your advertisement (job posting) will attract a diverse talent pool.Describe how your advertisement (posting) highlights the positive and negative attributes of the role.What to SubmitTo complete this project, you must submit the following:Recruitment and Retention PackageSubmit this assignment as a Word document, 3 to 5 pages in length (not including the title page). Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on formatting; you can access Shapiro Library resources through the Academic Support area of the course.

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