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Mini Lit Review on Personality assessment in hiring

Mini Lit Review on Personality assessment in hiringMinimum of 3-5 pages of text, however, keep in mind that it is very difficult to write a good paper in less than four pages.This does not include the title page, abstract, reference page, etc.)Papers should be written according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association ( preferably, the new 7th edition)Instructions1. Choose a topic within personality research. (hint: be very specific and narrow) .  Topics must be approved before you begin.  Submit your topics via the assignment link below this one.Examples of topics that are too broad:  “Dream Analysis,”  “Jungian Archetypes,”  “The Big Five Personality theory,”  “Humanistic psychology,” etc.  A more appropriate level of specificity would be something, for example, like “Openness to Experience as a predictor of risk taking behavior in extreme sports.”  (note: this is just a made up example to demonstrate how narrow a good topic can and should be).Choose something on your own–something that truly interests you, and also relates to personality theory. (and something for which you can find journal articles)The goal is to not be overwhelmed by too much information! And remember, this is a course about Theories of Personality, Your topic should fit the course!2. Select a minimum of four relevant articles from peer reviewed journals, read them carefully, and completely, taking notes along the way. Use the databases in the library’s webpage to search for peer reviewed journal articles. Of course, more than four articles is great.3. Begin your paper with an general introduction to the topic.4. Summarize the purpose of each study, and the methods and results of each article. Compare and contrast, combining them into a cohesive review. Note: some articles may be review articles or theoretical and may not include any data analysis (methods and results). These are still okay, just structure your paper to summarize the major points made in the article or articles.5. End with a conclusion paragraph about the usefulness of research like this, along with possible applications to the “real world” and recommendations for future research.See the folder above this assignment for additional ideas and writing tips.The APA manual is more than a guide to citing sources.  It is a very useful guide to writing.  Please review the manual and pay close attention to the section devoted to paraphrasing.  This is important.

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