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MIS Project

Greetings,I need to have a project for MIS, and here is the idea:where the people are facing problems in buying the right clothes that fit with their body size and skin tone color and accordingly they become dissatisfied and return the clothes. sometimes we see a product but it looks different than displayed retailers websites, hence we will create a technology where a customer can choose online their body share with it’s pear or apple (different body shape) and choose the sizes of their bust, hips, shoulders, sleeves, dress length, height, weight, skin tone.. etc then by the next step it shows a podium that shows similar to reality how the clothing would look like on the body and skin tone. pls check the requirements in the attachments.. i need the content in word file and a professional power point for presentation with charts, statistics of clothes return times in US for example or europe, to highlight the reason of choosing this project and solving a problem that customers face. in addition to relate all of that to MIS

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