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MTH/110 History of Mathematics Week 1

Assignment ContentChoose a historical period that is of interest to you. It can be any time from ancient Egypt to the 11th century.Select two important mathematical events that occurred in your chosen period.Use your selected topic as the basis of one of the following three assignment options.Note: For presentations students have the options of using different formats, including Prezi’s and animations. Seek faculty approval before submitting.Include the following information about the mathematical events you selected in your chosen assignment option:The people involved in the eventsImportance of the events or discoveries through the viewpoints of the people involvedDescription of the assumptions and limitations associated with the eventsHow a current mathematical concept (something you may have learned in one of your math classes) may have been informed by these eventsOption 1: PaperWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper description of the events you selected.Cite at least two secondary sources.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.

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