Multicultural Influences Power Point Corrections Help!!

COMPETENCY 1Evaluate multicultural influences on ethics for psychologists.BasicMarginally analyzes how best practices cited in scholarly research articles could help the cultural conflict(s).COMPETENCY 2Analyze multicultural issues in psychology and the importance of multicultural competency in the profession.CRITERIONCultural Difference: Analyze how cultural differences could contribute to a conflict.BasicIdentifies some points of cultural difference (fewer than three) and/or minimally analyzes how those differences could contribute to a conflict. No scholarly support is offered.CRITERIONBiases: Describe one’s past or present biases toward others of different cultures.BasicBriefly describes at least one (1) bias toward others of different cultures or strategies for improving one’s cultural competency related to bias. Self-awareness through honesty, depth, variety, detail, and/or nuance is not present.

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