Must give very detailed answers non-plagiarized

Answer questions in detail.Test Your Understandinga) What kind of attack may succeed against a system with no technological vulnerabilities?b) What is the goal of social engineering?c) Distinguish between phishing and spear phishing attacks.Test Your Understandinga) How do viruses and worms differ?b) How do viruses and worms propagate using social engineering?c) Do all worms spread by direct propagation?d) Why is direct propagation especially dangerous?e) What are Trojan horses?f) How do Trojan horses propagate to computers?Test Your Understandinga) What does a firewall do when an arriving packet is definitely an attack packet?b) Does a firewall drop a packet if it probably is an attack packet?c) Why is it important to read firewall logs daily?–Exercises:Thought Questions 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, and 4-44 – 1 – What are your choices if you are hit by ransomware? Which would you recommend?4 – 2 – a) What form of authentication would you recommend for relatively unimportant resources? Justify you answer.b) What form of authentication would you recommend for your most sensitive resources?4 – 3 – What is the promise of newer authentication systems?4 – 4 – Is the supplicant the true party or an impostor?APA format, non-plagiarized, and must have credible references.

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