Network Security Design Proposal for Small Office

Network Security Design Proposal for Small OfficeProject ScopeA network security proposal has to be designed for a small office with security as utmost priority. The organization has about 100 users. There is a web server on the network, which is accessible from the internet. The employees should also have wireless access to the network. All the users should have access to the internet.Requirements1.Identify hardware like switches and access points with appropriate security features for LAN security2.Identify router for broadband internet sharing.3.Identify appliance to protect the web server from attackers and malicious content the internet.4.IP network design with table for the organization.5.Wireless security with appropriate security features should be made available6.Wireless network integration of access points (5 nos) with LAN with appropriate security.7.The user computers and the web server should be protected with appropriate antivirus solution.8.Network Topology diagram.4 PAGE DOCUMENT IN ‘APA FORMAT

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