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Networking Technology Concepts

For this assessment, you are asked to design the cabling system for the Health System Hospital as presented during the previous assessment. Make sure to review the information provided such as: the number of employees with desktops since you need to provide cabling for them, he number of floors in the building, the location of the network equipment, and the needed connection for the ISP for Internet connectivity. You need to satisfy the following requirements:Define the basic concepts of networking technology, including cable network architecture.Describe the following network infrastructure components: demark, MDF, IDF, Patch, Panel, and Equipment Rack.Describe where the network infrastructure components would be located at the hospital.Describe 2 recommended cabling standards that you will use for the cabling structure at the hospital.Apply the concepts from the assessment’s hands-on virtual labs.Create a 2–4 page briefing on LAN requirements and what is needed to implement a new network. APA

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