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Neurological Disorders Case Study

This case is a 16-year-old female with no previous history of any psychiatric conditions, learning difficulties, or a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She is a high school sophomore and her parents have noticed that her mood seems to be “up and down.” She often falls asleep if not involved in a stimulating activity. Teachers at school note good performance on tests, but homework is frequently turned in late and she appears distractible and fidgety during class. She works part-time as a waitress on the weekends but is in danger of losing her job due to frequent tardiness over the past 6 months2-3 pages longTake on the role of the clinician.In your initial post,Identify the patient’s symptoms and the available demographic and historical data.Discuss your differential diagnosis and provide a thorough basis for any diagnoses you have included.Determine what (if any) additional testing you would order and how this would be helpful in clarifying the diagnosis.Finally, explain recommendations for the patient/family for ongoing functioning (social, occupational and academic, if applicable).You must use a minimum of two peer-reviewed scholarly articles in your discussion to support your diagnostic conclusions.

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