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Watch the (click on –>)NOVA MATH DOCUMENTARYand write a review-report of length 700 word minimum to 1100 word maximum describing your viewpoint about the documentary.Everyone in the class has either completed or is taking an English composition class, so writing a college level assignment should be within every students capability. However I want to share some information that was written on the blackboard of a classroom.Composition hints:Introductory paragraph: Tell then what you are going to tell them.Body of composition: Tell them.Concluding paragraph: Tell them what you told them.I often suggest that you write the body of the composition first, then write a three or so sentence introductory paragraph, and then write a three or so sentence concluding paragraph. Put them together in proper order, read it again, make any final corrections, and submit it.Please double space all submissions. MLAhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mve0UoSxTo

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