Assignment Content

  1.    Refer to the Week 1 Required Learning Activity: Course Scenario and Individual Assignment Instructions: Introduction.

    Refer to the Week 3 Required Learning Activities:

    • Virtualization
    • Lynda.com®: Introduction to Cloud Computing for IT Pros
    • Pluralsight®: Basic Management Principles in a Cloud Environment.
    • Your meeting with the Board of Directors is approaching. The CTO asked you to draft a diagram of the proposed solution that closes the gaps that were identified in Week 1. The diagram needs to provide a comprehensive illustration of the new solution integrated into the current environment.

      Create a 2- to 3-page Microsoft® Visio® diagram of your proposed solution and include the following:

    • Control or virtualization layer
    • Resource management
    • Cloud service catalog
    • Labels for each component in the diagram
    • Description of how each component is related
    • References formatted according to APA guidelines
    • Note: Focus on the clarity and level of detail in your diagram, and not necessarily the visual quality. Review the Current Infrastructure Environment Example for guidance. Ensure your name and date submitted is on your deliverable.

      This diagram will be updated in the Week 4 Technical Resources assignment.

      Submit your assignment. (NOTE: With the various versions of Visio, saving your document as a PDF will ensure no organization within the document is lost.)

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