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Module 11 ContentPurpose of Assignment:It is important for nurses to reflect on experiences and new knowledge gained in order to promote professional growth.Course Competencies:Analyze the increased complexity of care among older adults.Compare care models for nursing practice specific to the older adult.Design plans for care specific to the older adult.Identify local, state, and national resources which facilitate safe and effective transitions of care for older adults.Incorporate professional values, attitudes, and expectations regarding ageism when caring for the older adult.Outline the importance of advocating for older adults in management of their care.Transferable Skill:Information Literacy: Discovering information reflectively, understanding how information is produced and valued, and using information to create new knowledge and participate ethically in communities of learning.Instructions:Reflect on your development as a nursing professional and address the following in a 1-2 page paper:Describe how you achieved each of the course competencies and the transferable skill.Provide at least one example of new knowledge gained related to each competency and explain how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.

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