Operations Management – Types of Processes (300 Words)

Select one of the key concepts noted below and use it as the focal point of your essay for this week. Be sure to identify the name of your selected firm.

  • Evaluate the four process strategies and demonstrate how one of these strategies could improve profits for your selected firm.
  • Explain how to compute crossover points for different processes and how the leadership of your selected firm should use the information.
  • Assess the tools of process analysis as they apply to a product-based business (i.e., sells a physical, tangible product) and a service-based business (i.e., sells a service, which has no physical or tangible product).
  • Describe the customer interaction in service processes and how leadership uses the resulting information.
  • Appraise recent advances in production technology as it applies to your selected firm.

Base your research on a current scholarly, peer-reviewed source that addresses the same topic as the outcome you have selected.

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Minimum 1 source in APA format

Minimum 300 Words

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