Organizational Cultural Assessment

The organization’s culture is key to handling change and leading your organization into the next era. You first must understand the culture.  This assignment asks that you select an organization that you can assess.  You must pick an organization and three employees and/or members and ask the following questions.  You must have a minimum of three people to do this assessment, youcan be an employee or member and take the survey.The purpose of the OCAI is to assess six key dimensions of organizational culture. In completing the instrument, you will be providing a picture of how your organization operates and the values that characterize it. The ‘Summary Assessment Data’ spreadsheet provided allows you to input the data from each employee/members’ OCAI to find the results quickly and easily.You will follow the rubric provided and scoring guide to assess the culture of the organization.  Upload the responses and fill in the summary page.  You can survey as many as 9 individuals. Make sure your paper provides a thorough and complete assessment of data in the organization by utilizing lessons learned from the textbook (should be 3 pages).

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