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Philosophy Homework

PART IDirections: Please provide detailed and elaborate responses to the following questions.  Your response to each should be a minimum of one half of one page in length and should include examples from the reading assignments.1.      Suppose that you were convinced that only objective time is real.  Would this reduce your anxieties about aging, dying, or losing what you love?  Why or why not?2.      Is it possible that nothing else exists in the universe besides you?  Is it possible that the people and things you see around you are all products of your own mind, much like a dream?  How could you show that other things exist in the universe besides you and your ideas?3.      Imagine that you are placed into a machine that stimulates your brain, making you think that your life is going wonderfully well, while all the time you are simply attached to an “Experience Machine” in a basement.  Given that you could not tell that your life was illusory, would you choose to enter this machine, or not?  Explain.4.         In what way might our language be said to create our world?  Drawing on your answer to this question, what practical implications do you think it could have – if any – for social change?  If you believe that your answer has no such implications, explain why.PART II: Research Paper IIn a research paper two to three pages in length, define and argue a position for the nature of the humanity and the enduring self.  What does it mean to be human?  What makes one a human person?You must posit a position and give three substantial reasons as to why you hold to your particular view about human nature.  Please use at least two articles on this topic and to support your argument.Please consider the following questions as you develop your position:·       What do I believe is a human person?  What makes a person a person (soul, genetic makeup, appendages, reason, etc.)?·         Why am I for this view?What if one was to lose his/her limbs, cells, their memory, etc, would that person no longer be a person or would they no longer be the same person?

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