Phyllis young only! assignment (11.1) and (12.1)

11.1 Discussion: Topic Selection Post a brief description of your topic for the Applied Leadership Assessment Project in week 12.12.1 Final Project: Applied Leadership Assessment The final project in MLC 640 is a comprehensive assessment of individual leadership within an organization of the student’s choice. Drawing from previous weeks’ readings, videos, and discussions, students will assess an individual in a leadership role. Your assessment project should include but is not limited to the following:· Brief overview of the organization (background and history)· Leadership hierarchy (organizational structure)· Introduction of the leader being assessed in this project· Analysis of leadership style(s) to include appropriate theoretical and conceptual support for assumptions and observations (provide supporting research and citations)· Critique of leader strengths and challenges· Recommendations for leadership development· Summary and conclusionPresentation of your final project may be submitted in the following format:Paper (max. 20 pages), APA required, minimum 10 references

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